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What Makes Women Keep The Weight On

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The Venus Factor
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Increase your metabolism in the best way for a woman, not a man. The woman's body has evolved to crave the food that is best for her energy and metabolism. The Venus Factor has coralled biological information that will satisfy your cravings, and help you achieve the sexiest, slimmest waistline! Some foods that you are told are healthy may be causing you to store calories!

Whether a human gains or loses weight is mainly regulated by one hormone. This hormone controls fat burning. Eating certain things modifies your level of this hormone. Dieting can have devastating effects on your metabolism! The Venus Factor is the first and only weight loss plan designed to take advantage of this and increase your metabolism and work WITH your cravings, not against them.

If your cravings keep you eating, and what you are eating seems to leave you craving more, try out the Venus Factor and let the latest science guide you to a new "Bikini Body" you!

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